26. Februar 2021


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Stealth System Process Walker Malware Detected: Consent.exe – Windows Internal UDP Covert Backdoor.

Consent.exe TCP_UDP Backdoor
Consent.exe TCP_UDP Backdoor

System Process Walker… Bypassing LUA/UAC/Virtualization/Firewalls/AVs/Proxies etc… Windows Fake Security is transforming UAC into a covert communication, control and spy channel. The true reason for preparing the world and all the people to Facebook as a command and control central node of the largest surveillance and remote control base for the agencies and the governments.
TOR or Firewalls aren´t able to prevent governmental spying if “system process walker” – as I call it, inject itself into consent.exe or any other host or exe process, that may be available. As a rule Firewalls remain quiet and become udp backdoored themselves, no matter which one. Rude multi-layered IP-Filtering may be helfpful, but is no guarantee, because this stealth thing is able to disable virtually all security protection.
The strange thing is, that the Windows Master Key Backdoor (used by governmental agencies or other secret intrusion groups) is able to enter either via Limelight Networks or Akamai Tech Inc.
Consent.exe UDP turns into TCP-Transmission to Facebook Central-Node Akamai Tech Inc. (deploy.xyz Malware). My assumption is – so far – that svchost.exe is backdoored by default, as a master key in all Windows NT 6.x Windows, in that way, that Facebook is able to get remote control via Akamai Tech Inc. (deploy.xyz Malware). Furthermore the Browser is generally UDP-Backdoored ( (normally invisible) as a primary layer, if the other system backdoors might be closed.
One Example: Microsoft Windows tries several times to connect via Limelight Networks Inc. (This game started already in Windows XP and hasn´t stopped until now…) Some variants use Svchost-Injection (Zombie-Method) to connect via NSA to Facebook (Akamai Inc.) Another Variant from 2008 uses Winlogon-Injection Method to Limelight Inc. Probably all the same Govware
Microsoft, the government or their potential agency contractors use consent.exe as selective Antispy Killer.
Consent.exe as LUA/UAC Backdoor.Exploit with AV-Killer/Antispy-Killer properties…
Comodo is also affected by this stealth UDP leak, which backdoors all cmdagent.exe´s, no matter which version, 8.x, 7.x, 6.x, 5.x, 4.x, 3.x… etc. But this is not directly the Problem of Comodo, either a deliberate system architecture error of Microsoft Windows.
Nobody has written about the system-wide UDP Backdoor in Windows NT 6.x… (especially Windows 7) – then I need to do this… This is an interesting thing, probably the main access method of the NSA and Facebook as a central connection node.
Niemand hat bisher über den systemweiten UDP-Backdoor in Windows NT 6.x geschrieben… (speziell Windows 7) – dann muss ich das tun…. Das ist eine interessante Sache, wahrscheinlich die Hauptzugriffsmethode der NSA und Facebook als Zentralverbindungsknoten.

Consent.exe is a User Account Control process.

Erscheint manchmal beim windows start im log fenster der firewall events von comodo personal firewall, dannach aber verschwindet der eintrag aus dem log (!!!) und stattdessen taucht scvhost,exe auf.
Wie Ich Bin

It took all 100 percent of my laptop CPU – I couldn’t do anything. Then after about 90 secs it was gone and everything back to normal!

Similar sightings as above. Noticed browser open in the background (flash upon closing and low level duplicate process concurrently) and checked logs n task monitor continuously. It seems to come and go in 2000sec intevals. The processor spins up on ocassion perhaps lots of udp in the background. Estensive use of placeholders in the URL’s. Specificly I am unsure what it is but t has several charateristics of malware.I am shocked Norton IS didn’t pick it up, That is what baffles me.

Source: File.net/prozess/consent.exe